Message from Jess Scott


Larkfields is a vibrant Junior School with our Take Care Values at the heart of everything we do.  The school takes great pride in the possibilities we provide for our children, not only the high expectations academically, but the wide range of other opportunities we give to ensure our children can be the very best version of themselves.  The 6 key drivers we promote in school are crucial to this, these include giving the children the chance to develop and practice being an independent learner, a creative thinker, a team worker, an effective participator, a self-manager and reflective learner.

 These concepts are also applied to all our staff, encouraging them to provide the very best for your children.

Larkfields has a broad and varied curriculum including a wide range of residential, school trips, enrichment clubs and opportunities for children to lead learning in the classroom and beyond. We have also established a fantastic well-being curriculum where the children really can learn to Take Care of themselves and others.

Our new curriculum gives the children the chance to answer enquiry questions and understand and experience range of concepts such as justice, diversity and equality. The leaning is completed through experiences and knowledge which combined underpins learning and provides rigour whilst adding relevance, connectedness and cohesion.


As life begins to return to normal, I am amazed at how the adaptive the children have been over the last two years and am very proud of how we have been able to still provide such a range of educational experiences and opportunities. We are now looking forward to being able to invite parents back into school life and engage in new and exciting events.

The children do truly Take Care of their learning, each other, the environment and themselves, this is what makes Larkfields a very special team and place to be.

Larkfields is a fantastic school with so much to offer, please feel free to speak to staff about any information which you feel may be important.  Please use our WEDUC app to message teachers, phone or email us.

We look forward to another successful academic year working with both you and your children.

Don’t forget to check out the What’s On page for information about all events happening in school.

Thank you for on-going support.


Jess Scott

Head Teacher


Updated: 07.07.2022